20x4 Characters LCDBlue 20x4 Characters LCD  

SC2004 - 20x4 Characters Serial LCD

RS232/TTL Interface
Graph Utility
Big Numbers Capability
5 pages screen storage
From USD 35

User's Manual

16x2 Characters LCDCharacters LCD   SC1602A - 16x2 Characters RS232 LCD

RS232 Interface
Graph Utility
Startup Screen
5V/12V Version
From USD 25

User's Manual
Large Characters LCD   SC1602LC - 16x2 Large Characters RS232 LCD

RS232 Interface
10 lines user's define text storage
8 Open drain outputs
4x4 Keypad Interface
USD 36

User's Manual
RS485 LCD   SC1602Pro - 16x2 Characters RS485 LCD

Addressable up to 32 in a RS485 bus
Broadcast or addressable command support
Programmable default screen
Graph Utility
From USD 25

User's Manual
  SC1602LCPro - 16x2 Large Characters RS485 LCD

Addressable up to 32 in a RS485 bus
Broadcast and addressable command support
10 lines user define test storage
8 open drain outputs
8 pulled up TTL inputs
USD 36

User's Manual

Modbus LCD ModuleModbus LCD Module




Master and Slave MODBUS RTU Protocol
Support Integer and BCD Data Formats
Programmable text display
RS232 or RS485 Interface
From USD 25

SC1602MBM ( Master ) User's Manual
SC1602MBS ( Slave ) User's Manual

SC2004MBS - Modbus Slave LCD
20x4 Characters


SC1602MBS-LC Large Characters 16x2 Modbus Slave LCD

SC4Dlite6 Digits RS232 LED   SC4Dlite / SC6Dlite Serial LED Display

Up to 255 Cascadable and addressable
Display Numeric and Limited ASCII
Support signed and unsigned numbers
RS232 Interface
From USD 20

SC4Dlite - 4 Digits Serial LED User's Manual
SC6Dlite - 6 Digits Serial LED User's Manual
8x8 Dot Matrix LED   16x8 Dot Matrix LED SCDM88 / SCDM168 Serial Dot Matrix

2.3" Height
Built in ASCII Font
Message Scrolling
RS232 Interface
From USD 30

SCDM88 - 8x8 User's Manual
SCDM168 - 16x8 User's Manual
SC6DMBS - Modbus RTU Slave LED Display + Counter 1.8" Digits Height

Modbus RTU Slave
Serially Readable Counter Value
Display integer and ASCII values
Programmable Baud Rate
Two open collector outputs
On board piezo Buzzer
Selectable decimal Point
USD 52

User's Manual
SCCLOCK18 - 1.8" Digital Clock

RS485 Link for time synchronization
Show time of day or Elapsed Time
Adjustable Brightness
USD 55

User's Manual
Panel Mounting Plate   Aluminum Mounting Kits.
LCD Enclosure

IP65 Enclosure for SC1602Pro , SC1602MBS and SC1602MBM

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