Serial LCD Display Module

Serial LCD enabled control of parallel LCD with RS232 serial interface. This greatly reduces the coding effort in developing application that requires LCD display. It also save I/O as only 1 or 2 pin is required. In addition to that, longer cable distance is possible with the RS232 interface. ( 500 ft with baud rate of 9600 )

SC1602A - 16x2 Characters

  • 16 characters by 2 rows
  • RS232 interface via on board DB9 connector
  • Memory spaces for 8 user's define characters
  • 3 serially controlled digital outputs for driving LED etc
  • 3 internally pulled up digital inputs for switches interface
  • Programmable baud rate 9600 / 19200
  • Simple serial commands

To display ASCII text on the LCD, all you need to do is to transmit the ASCII characters string serially to the SC1602A LCD

SC1602 LCD  

Usage example:

To display these , send ASCII string "Serial LCD Demo" , [ 0x0B ] , "by SILICON CRAFT"

[ 0x0B ] is the control code to move cursor to the beginning of next row.

To erase texts on row 1 and retain texts on row 0, send command code

[ 0xFE ] [ 0x2D ] [ 0x01 ]

Download user's manual

SC1602 LCD  
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